Do you remember when you where a newbie and do you remember how hard it was for you making friends and empire points and when you told people you were a newbie so they didn't go easy on you they just went harder so newbies if your reading this if you feel like your gonna loose in a battle just surrender don't let them beat you if you surrender im not sure correct me if im wrong when you surrender I don't think the other player gets points from it they win but it says not ranked so newbies im writing this because ill be the you can come to for a free win meaning you can beat me in battle for free no force my name is bmcfa43 and my code is 507 so write that down and ill for sure help you out when you need it most and im not a teenager so im not grumpy im quite a nice person what ever age you are ill help you out unless your from my school an stole my girlfriend XD so if your not sure of something or someone just join me on a battle and ill help you out plus I know a lot of people for you to friend who are also real nice so yeah im bmcfa43 my code is 507 ill be there for you unles im in school by bmcfa43 code 507 link title]