Venom Flux Icon

The Venom Flux icon, depicting a skull in a pool of venom.

Venom Flux is one of Medusa's abilities in Stick Empires. Unlike her Petrify ability, this one has to be researched in the Snake Pit. This ability is where her "Master of poison" in-game description is from.


Unlike the Magikill's Poison Spray, Venom Flux doesn't have to be aimed. Once activated, Medusa will spit out a stream of Poison that splashes onto the battleground directly in front of her, making a large, venomous pool. Any enemy unit who passing through or even flying over is poisoned.

Poison attacks are always great both offensively and defensively. Large groups of weak units like Earth and Swordwraths are great targets, as the pool forces them to retreat or suicide. While Chaos is retreating using Venom Flux greatly decreases the opponent's ability to pursue as weak units such as archers will need curing to pass through the pool and live afterwards, which forces Order to travel at the speed of their Merics which is usually far slower and unable to chase. Elementals will have to sacrifice a water elemental to pursue so this also makes Venom Flux a good deterrent.

Medusa's Venom Flux also lasts on the field for longer than the cooldown so a single Medusa can have two pools active if the player recasts Venom Flux quickly after the cooldown returns.

This ability is good for slaughtering an opponent's miners after they return from garrison. After forcing a mass-garrison, players make Medusa use Venom Flux next to the enemy castle, forcing the miners to stay in the garrison for a LOOONG time or risk suiciding not only the miners, but everyone else who gets out of the garrison.


Cost 100 Gold, 100 Mana
Research time 30 Seconds
Unit Medusa

Stick War Trivia

  • Unlike an Electric Wall, remaining in the acid pool won't keep adding damage, you just get poisoned.