"Awaken, Vastolis! It is time to feed!" ~Infernos


Vastolis unleashing his might upon Order Empire.

Vastolis is a fiery dragon that can be summoned by the Elemental unit, Infernos. According to Infernos's profile, he sleeps until he is awoken to feast on the stick figure bodies of enemy empires. Vastolis cause severe damage to all opponents, and also singes them with Burn damage. He is called upon by the ability, Dragon Call.


Vastolis is a huge dragon made from pure fire. When the Infernos first calls upon him, a small version of him leaps into the ground. Seconds later, Vastolis has transformed into a colossal dragon, making the ground quake as he erupts. He is mainly yellow and orange, with a long tongue and multiple spines along his head.


Vastolis applies a stun as well as knocking enemy units up and also applies a burn DoT. The damage is enough to outright kill weak units and the burn effect usually applies lots of damage as well.