Tower Spawn is an ability that is open to all three empires as an upgrade to their army, although each empire has a slightly different version. Tower Spawn can be upgraded two times.
Tower Spawn Enslaved Giant (Giant Growth 1)


Tower Spawn provides 'free' units for as long as you can keep the tower. You only have to pay once to unlock the tower spawn and whenever you control tower from then on every 20 seconds after the previous spawn it will spawn a new unit, if the old unit has died. Thus it will pay for itself very quickly compared to buying the units outright. Players must first control the centre tower and then after unlocking the upgrade a ghostly blue, uncontrollable unit will fabricate out of the air at no cost and charge at the enemy castle. A constant stream of Tower Spawn units with ranged support behind can be used pressure the enemy to raise an army to defend or lose all their miners. As the ghost units are 'free', sacrificing them to castle units is completely rewardable and is why they are the preferred choice for sieging tanks.

Because of the extreme usefulness of Tower Spawn at the beginning of the game (and the bonus gold), both players usually fight over controlling the centre tower; constant skirmishes can take place at this battleground, often ending in one army retreating because they have a smaller force. The control of the statue can go back and forth until massive armies have been created.

Tower Spawn I (Spearton)

A ghost Spearton spawned by Tower Spawn I

Order: Tower Spawn I for Order unleashes a ghost Spearton, great for harassing players at the beginning of the game. Level 2 gives an Enslaved Giant, who will have much more health but walk slower and be less of an individual threat.

Chaos: Tower Spawn I for Chaos creates a ghost Juggerknight for free, matching a Spearton. Tower Spawn II gives way to a Chaos Giant.

Elemental: The first Tower Spawn level unleashes a Charrog. Due to its 3:2 ratio of health over Speartons and Juggerknights, spawning time is notably longer (verify?). Tower Spawn II forms larger (meaning more health and physical size), ghostly Charrog. This larger charrog is melee like the Chaos Giant ghost however Elemental players cannot buy a normal version of this Charrog.


Cost (1) 600 Gold 200 Mana for 1st Level
Cost (2)

2000 Gold 1000 Mana 2nd Level

Research time 40 Seconds, 60 Seconds
Unit Tower


  • Due to ghost units being uncontrollable, they are not very useful as protection from sniping by deads or archers, and when possessed by a v, the unit will simply change attack direction and attack uncontrollably the other way.
  • Ghost units can be confused and stop attacking any opposing enemy at times, and will not change attack target unless the attack target becomes impossible to attack, meaning after an entire garrison of all your units, the Ghost will attack the statue till the statue is destroyed or the ghost dies