Raging Infernos is a clan founded by Destroyer13579 and currently lead by Destroyer, sirEthan, and AsePlayer. With a decent amount of members and active leaders, they are one of the few clans still active and remain to push into the year of 2018!

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Clan Info

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Members (2015)

Leaders: Destroyer13579, HashBrownTrials, stickdude824/RIxDarknight, Physis Masters

Elite: JimmytheKing, RIxRacer

Advanced: OriginsofElements

Advocate: shade10, niodlc

Members: Forspartadoe, chiragkaudan, sirEthan, Pieuser, OriginsOfScisserSnip, FrictionMarble, gaismail

Retired/Temporary Leave: greaser(Advanced), DGersham(Advocate)

Members (2016)

Leaders: AsePlayer, Destroyer13579, TheDarkKnight

Elite: sirEthan, niodic, CoffeeLover

Nobles: OriginsOfElements, TheDarkLord13

Advocate: TheAllMightyCircle

Members: Chuss, Theoden804, Gaismail, FearMySkill, Karon2, IMiscritsI, TheSadist, SkullHead, William1, Kigu, SleepyBear, Mr.Lister, 4KingAndCountry, nights grace, OFE, mohd384, gaismail

Members (2017)

Leaders: Aseplayer, Destroyer13579, William1

Nobles: OriginsOfElements

Elite: sirEthan

Advocate: Robotlord662

Members: gaismail, karon2, chaosauce, idie2, kigu, SleepyBear, Aeroface, Bunchfang, Zephyx, CoffeeLover, FacuFeri4, Shatterphase, Harcold, Empiresma, KeremDemir1903, The Sadist.

Members (2018)

Leaders: Destroyer13579, sirEthan, AsePlayer

Elite: William1

Noble: Gaismail

Advanced: Robotlord662, Aeroface

Advocate: idie2, Fhaiqal, CoffeeLover, Dank Gamer. karon

Members: DaviBrouss, FacuFeri4, Harcold, TheSadist, HavocsOfTime. Al1235