Raging Infernos is a clan founded by Destroyer13579 and currently lead by Destroyer, AsePlayer and TheDarkKnight. With a decent amount of members and active leaders, they are one of the few clans still active and remain to push into the year of 2016!

Raging Infernos Second Banner

Clan Info

Clan Site:

Clan IRC:


Leaders: Destroyer13579, HashBrownTrials, stickdude824/RIxDarknight, Physis Masters

Elite: JimmytheKing, RIxRacer

Advanced: OriginsofElements

Advocate: shade10, niodlc

Members: Forspartadoe, chiragkaudan, sirEthan, Pieuser, OriginsOfScisserSnip, FrictionMarble

Retired/Temporary Leave: greaser(Advanced), DGersham(Advocate)


Leaders: AssPlayer, Destroyer13579, TheDarkKnight

Elite: sirEthan, niodic, CoffeeLover

Nobles: OrginsOfElements, TheDarkLord13

Advocate: TheAllMightyCircle

Members: Chuss, Theoden804, Gaismail(CursedTombs), FearMySkill, Karon2, IMiscritsI, TheSadist, SkullHead, William1, Kigu, SleepyBear, Mr.Lister, 4KingAndCountry, nights grace, OFE, mohd384


Leaders: Aseplayer, Destroyer13579, William1

Nobles: OrginsOfElements

Elite: sirEthan

Advocate: Robotlord662

Members: gaismail, karon, chaosauce, idie2, kigu, SleepyBear, Aeroface, Bunchfang, Zephyx, CoffeeLover, FacuFeri4, Shatterphase, Harcold, Empiresma, KeremDemir1903, The Sadist.

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