5 Swordwrath that have activated Rage

Rage is the sole ability of the Swordwrath which is researched from the Order Empire Barracks


Rage icon

The icon for Rage

When used, Rage depletes a Swordwrath's health by a small amount, but greatly increases their movement speed, attack speed and attack damage for several seconds. A Swordwrath will not be able to use Rage if their health is too low.

The use of Rage is signified by the Swordwrath screaming and glowing red. 


Cost 50 Gold 50 Mana
Research time 60 Seconds
Unit Swordwrath


Merics can heal the health lost from Rage, so using Merics with Swordwrath that have Rage is a good way to compensate for the lost health.

A mass of Raging Swordwrath, combined with lots of Albowtrosses with Blazing Bolts, is a potential counter to a mass of Shadowrath, but one must act quickly to amass enough swords and albows and make good use of Miner Walls and Castle Archers before the ninjas come and slaughter your army. When facing a ninja mass as Order, one must often assume a defensive position (turtling).

A good way to counter a mass of Raging Swordwrath is to use lots of Bombers (as Chaos) or to have a Magikill (as Order). Electric Wall can kill Swordwrath in less than a second, and Swordwrath cannot touch Bombers, and the Bombers' AoE will slaughter the mass of Swordwrath. As Elemental, you can try doing Scorch or having an Infernos. Scorch can blow up Swordwrath, and Vastolis can annihilate them as well.

Rage can be used for other purposes as well. For example, a player can use Rage on Swordwrath to make them get to an area faster. Rage can also be used to escape faster, or to chase down an enemy army.