Population acts as a limiter that prevents armies from getting too large to prevent lag and as a balancing measure.  It is represented by a small stick figure at the top right corner of the screen with a number beside it.


Almost every unit has a population value. The population value of all of a player's units is added up. This number is not allowed to exceed 80, although some units do not cost population (see Trivia). A unit will contribute to the population count if it is either alive or is in the process of being built. 


Order :

Unit Population Cost
Miner 2
Swordwrath 1
Archidons 2
Meric 3
Magikill 5
Spearton 3
Shadowrath 4
Albowtross 4
Enslaved Giant 7

Chaos :

Unit Population Cost
Miner 2
Crawler 1
Dead 3
Marrowkai 4
Medusa 5
Bomber 1
Juggerknight 3
Eclipsor 3
Giant 7

Elemental :

Unit Population Cost
Earth 2
Water 2
Air 3
Fire 3
Charrog 5
Cycloid 5
Treature 9
Infernos 6
V 10


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