Transformation Icon

The Icon for Transformation.

Transformation is an ability available to Earth Elementals that allows them to morph into Chomplers, the Miner unit for Elemental Empire.


Chompler Transformation

An Earth fighter turning into a Chompler Miner.

Once Transformation is activated, an Earth Elemental will immediately stoop down to the ground and start growing spines, pinchers, and a rocky structure. In about two seconds, they have become a Chompler, and they can begin mining Gold.

It would be really inconvenient to have to research this technology, so it is of course a default ability.


Cost 0 Gold, 0 Mana
Research time 0 Seconds
Unit Earth

Stick War Trivia

  • Because of the few seconds it takes to actually go through the whole process of transforming, Earth Elementals understandably require less training time (4 seconds) to help balance the Empires.
  • Transformation is permanent- there is no going back to a melee Earth, much like the other Elemental combination units.