Chaos Miner Tower

Miner Towers do some heavy damage to early game chaos units.


The icon for Miner Tower.

Miner Tower is an ability of Enslaved Miners which is researched from the Chaos Black Vault. It counters Order's Miner Wall.


Enslaved Miners can build a tower that fires projectiles at approaching enemies. This tower does not use up any population and can be destroyed both manually and, of course, by enemy attacks. The tower cannot move but can be built closer into Chaos's Statue than the Miner Wall. However, the Chaos Tower cannot block units from moving past it like the Miner Wall can, and it also has two bars of health less. Often the chaos tower is used as cover to hide ranged units behind and as a boost to dps when turtling. There is a glitch where Miner Towers cannot take damage while being built.


Skill Use Cost 300 Gold
Research Cost 100 Gold
Research time 30 Seconds
Unit Chaos Miner