Infernos acts as the offensive spellcaster unit for the Elementals. It has powerful AOE spells.  

The Infernos


The Infernos have yellow eyes and a body surrounded by flames. They also have hands made of fire. They are an embodiment of fire (akin to Efreeti).


Health 3 Bars unarmoured (27HP)

Low (Attack)

High (Spells)

Speed Medium-Low

850 Gold 100 Mana

(Fire and Air)

Training Time Instant
Population 6

Note: The Stick Empires community has no numerical information on Damage or Speed for Elemental Units, so these values are merely comparative.


Infernos has two abilities: respectively, Dragon Call and Fire Rain.


A summoned dragon wreaking havoc on Order.

Dragon Call

Dragon call

Dragon Call summons a dragon 'Vastolis' that will deal moderate damage over an area, as well as stunning any enemies hit by the spell.Once the dragon enters the ground, it will still erupt and deal damage even if the Inferno is killed. However the spell is very slow and at times it can be hard to land a hit. This spell requires good timing to land a hit and it can be usefull to cripple and softening large amounts of enemies. The dragon can hit flying units though will rarely kill them outright due to the low damage.

Fire Rain/Meteor Strike

Fire rain spell

Fire Rain summons a rain of fire that inflicts burn damage to enemies in a small region. Overall, this spell is useless. When upgraded to 'Meteor Strike' however, it leaves a pile of burning rocks that deal large amounts of damage to the enemy that passes by, similar to the Electric Wall spelll of Magikill only, it has a slightly larger radius and lasts longer. It is very useful for shutting down archers and other low health units. This spell cannot hit flying units.


Infernos have a highly impractical normal attack. Their normal attacks burn enemies, but their spells are much more practical, and is its main "selling point" that makes the Infernos useful. The meteor spell can be used to massacre unarmoured units and can highly damage armoured ones. It can also be used to punish slow moving units like Merics and Magikills. Dragon Call on the other hand does less damage and is slow.

However, one method to make use of the spell is this, cast the meteors behind the enemy, and cast Dragon Call in front of them. If the enemy goes back, they die. If they walk forward, they get hit by your dragon. If they get hit they will be crippled, and they will walk into your trees, fires, etc. Another way to make use of this is to cast Dragon Call behind the enemy, they will most likely walk forward to kill your infernos. Note that this is good against someone using lots of archers. Once they're close enough, use the Scorch ability, and boom, everything is dead.


  • Infernos can not be customized at all with personal armor or appearances at all, so they do not appear at all in the armoury.
  • As of the armour update this has changed and Infernos appear with armoury options.
  • Infernos is the slowest spell caster in the game. (Spell have a lot delay to cast and activate)

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