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 Add Info to the Page Comments2245PAGES ON THIS WIKI I have been thinking about alot of ideas for numerous ideas of empires for the game. I do my best to be creative, do my best to not create any repetitiveness, and make them balanced at the same time. not my idea just copied and paste it but the last one rebels in MINE i created it


[show]==Forest EmpireEdit== A large race of men who lived in their homelands containing the thickest forest and jungles of Inamorta, after Order defeated Chaos, and tried to conquer the entire land of Inamorta, they angered the Forest Empire and their way of living, the Forest Empire Elder decided to declare war against Order for disturbing nature and punish them for their deeds.

Forest Empire Units

1. Forestry Miner: A hard working villagers of the forest empire. (Counterpart to Order Miner and enslaved miner.)

Role: Resource Gatherer

Cost: 150 gold 0 mana

Attack: very low (equivilant to other miners)

Health: 1 bar, (two bars after miner hustle), unarmoured

Speed: Low (equivilant to other miners)

Training place: Storage

Training Time: 8 sec

Population: 2


Miner Hustle: increases miner speed and health (equivilant to other miners)

Trap: 200 Gold 10 sec. Sets a trap that takes away a third of the health of the unit that walks on it, not effective of giants or flying units, only works once for each trap.

2. Fisherman: Once skillful fisherman now wielding large tridents that are feared throughout the land. (Counterpart for swordwrath)

Role: Light Melee

Cost: 150 gold 0 mana

Attack: High (Nearly equal to juggerknights, but much slower attack speed)

Health: 2 bars, unarmoured

Speed: Normal (slightly slower than swordwrath)

Training place: Forest camp

Training Time: 12 sec

Population: 1


Thrust: 50 Gold 50 Mana 25 sec. Charges foward, and slams the trident heavily into an enemy, deals extremely high damage, nearing even the third strike of the shadowrath fixate. (Although with a long long cooldown)

3. Rangedons: Sharp-eyed archers, with carefully made arrows dipped in poison made from the dangerous jungle poisonous fruits, their deadly arrows are the pride of the empire.

Role: Light Ranged

Cost: 350 gold 50 mana

Attack: low

Health: 2 bars, unarmoured

Speed: Fast (Slower than Shadowrath, bomber, and crawler, but still considerably faster than archidons, probably same as water))

Training place: Jungle workshop

Training Time: 18 sec

Population: 3


Poison Arrows: Passive Arrows deal the same damage, but inflict poison on the enemy (Similar to the dead's ability of poison)

Dead eye: Fires an arrow at twice the range, twice the damage, and never misses.

4. Hunter: Elite warriors of the forest empire, a skilled warriors that mastered four ways of fighting, the way of the sword, shield, archer, and throwing. These warriors are able to fire arrows at long range and engage up close with swords.

Role: Jack of all Trades

Cost: 450 gold 50 mana

Attack: Low (Sword deals same damage as swordwrath, arrows deal same damage as archidons and rangedons.

Health: 6 bars, armoured

Speed: Medium (same as spearton and juggerknight)

Training place: Forest camp

Training Time: 20 sec

Population: 3


Boomerang: Throws a boomerang at a enemy, which deals damage and stuns on a single enemy unit.

Switch: Switches from Sword to Bow and arrows, or the other way around.

5. Royal Guardian: Elite Guardians of the empire, they posses the halberds used once by the great knights, which again strike fear throughout inamorta.

Role: Tank

Cost: 500 gold 100 mana

Attack: high (Slightly lower than the juggerknight)

Health: 8 bars, armoured

Speed: Medium (Smilar to the swordwrath)

Training place: Forest camp

Training Time: 24 sec

Population: 4


Guard Mode: A passive ability, raises its halberd in a defensive stance, protects a selected unit. The guardian will move along with it, attacking units when in its range. Reduces enemy attacks on the protected unit by 80 percent while guardian takes 40 percent of usual damage, useful for protecting elders and medics.

6. Jaywrath: Creatures known as the harpie, sprouting beautiful jay wings, they throw deadly poisonous knives from the sky. (Counterparts to eclipsors and albowtross')

Role: Aerial Support

Cost: 400 gold 200 mana

Attack: Medium (Similar to Albowtross's fire bolts)

Health: 2 bars, unarmoured

Speed: Fast (Equivilant to eclipsors)

Training place: Jungle workshop

Training Time: 25 sec.

Population: 3


Venom blades: Passive ability, reduces mana with every use, inflicts poison to the enemy, similar to the dead.

7. Forestry Medic: Women that have learned to use herbs and plants to heal allies in battle.

Role: Support

Cost: 400 gold 200 mana

Attack: very low (similar to the order merics)

Health: 3 bars, unarmoured

Speed: medium

Training place: Medicine house

Training Time: 14 sec.

Population: 3


Burnet Leaves: Heals a nearby unit with a small portion of health

Marigold: Cures a poisoned unit.

Nightshade: Poisons a single enemy unit.

8. Elder: Excellent spellcasters, that posses staffs made from the forest wood itself, leaders and wise ones of the forest empire. (King of Forest Empire is called Coralus.)

Role: Spellcaster/ Support

Cost: 500 gold 400 mana

Attack: low (equal to the magikill and marrowkai)

Health: 3 bars

Speed: low (equal to Magikill)

Training place: Forest Palace

Training Time: 30 sec

Population: 5


Toxic Boom: Sends a small blast to an area, deals damage, stuns and inflicts poison to enemies near it.

Elves fury: summons a row of 5 elves that slash through the battlefield, a spearton shield can stop one elf, te entire row can be stopped by miner walls

Call of the wild: Wen activated, every friendly unit increase in speed, attack speed for ten seconds, has a cost of 4 mana for every unit per second, mana used may vary from amount of attacking units.

9. Ballista: Powerful war machines built by forest empire engineers, which fire huge deadly bolts. Since they are wood moving due to magic of the elders, they cannot be affected by poison or stunning, also they die twice as fast when on fire.

Role: Tank/Damage dealer

Cost: 900 gold 100 mana

Attack: High (Very high for improved bolts, but of course with a dreadfully slow attack speed)

Health: 8 bars (burnin deals twice as damage, but cannot be affected by poison or stunning), armoured

Speed: low (Probably as slow as the elders and magikill)

Training Place: Workshop

Training Time: 35 sec

Population: 6


Improved bolts: Bolts deal much more damage and inflict poison.

Forest Empire Buildings

1. Forest Camp: The camp holds a large variety of activity, including a small area of fishing and hunting.

Trains: Fisherman, Hunter, Royal Guardian


Thrust: 50 Gold 50 Mana

Boomerang: 50 Gold 100 Mana

2. Jungle Lab: This lab holds samples of deadly poisonous fruits from jungles nearby, this is also where the empires deadly arrows are crafted.

Trains: Rangedons, Jaywraths


Castle Ballista 1: 300 Gold

Castle Ballista 2: 600 Gold

Castle Ballista 3: 1000 Gold

Poison Arrows: 250 Gold 100 Mana

Deadeye: 100 Gold 50 Mana

Venom Blades: 400 Gold

3. Medicine House: This house holds all the plants and herbs used for healing and curing units on the battlefield.

Trains: Forest Medic


Marigold: 100 Gold 100 Mana

Nightshade: 50 Gold 100 Mana

4. Workshop: This is where engineers work hard on building large, wood war machines.

Trains: Ballista


Improved Bolts 1: 200 Gold 200 Mana

Improved Bolts 2: 400 Gold 400 Mana

5. Palace: The palace of the King of the Forest Empire, also provides shelter for Elders.

Trains: Elders


Resilence: 50 Gold 100 Mana

Toxic Boom: 50 Gold 100 Mana

Elves Fury: 100 Gold 150 Mana

6. Storage: This is where the empire stores all their gold and treasures and riches.

Trains: Forestry Miners


Miner Hustle: 300 Gold 100 Mana

Passive Income 1,2, and 3: 150 Gold 100 Mana

Tower Spawn 1: 600 Gold 200 Mana (Spawns Hunter)

Tower Spawn 2: 2000 Gold 1000 Mana (Spawns Ballista)

Trap: 100 Gold

Comparison to Other Empires

Overall, this empire may be quite similar to Order Empire, but unlike Order, the Forest Empire excels in the art of poisoning, having even more poison potential than Chaos. Compared to the Swordwrath, Crawler and Earth, the Fisherman has nearly more than twice the damage than all of them, but is not really as mobile, and is not suited for hit and run tactics unlike the crawler or the swordwrath, try using groups of Fisherman, to maximize the full potential of their high damaging tridents.

Rangedons are invaluable units, they have even more of the mobility of Archidons, poison ability of Deads, and about same health as Fire. The ability to kite is also effective when using large groups of Rangedons, its dead eye ability can also take out some key enemy units when used simultaneously with numerous Rangedons. More health and faster speed means even better survival ability than archidons, and can be even more effective against melee units due to their poison.

Hunters have the unique ability of being able to perform ranged as well as melee attacks, it will automatically switch weapons but can also be done manually, as a such, Hunters in their ranged state can also kite. They also have the boomerang ability which will stun enemy units, It has a potential to defeat the Spearton, Juggerknight, or maybe even a Charrog if in a dual thanks of the Hunters ability to use different weapons, kiting nearly half the health before engaging up close. Keep in mind that Spearton has miduim damage with moderate attack rate, juggerknight has high damage but attacks much slower, and charrog has low damage but attacks very fast, while the hunter has low damage, but an attack rate of the spearton, which gives it a low dpm. Use that fact that it is ranged to your advantage, fight close up as little as possible.

Although Royal Guardians are meant to be used to protect key units (spellcasters...etc.) they can also provide excellent meat shields for ally ranged units due to its high health (8 bars), technically it doesn't have a counterpart, since all empires third melee unit performs differently (Shadowrath, Bombers etc.) When in guard mode, the amount of potential health it has exceeds the Spearton in shield wall mode and even approaches the default Giants, they act as excellent meat shields especially for ranged units and spellcasters.

Forest Medics can hold more of a defense against enemies due to their ability to poison one unit, however, it is barely researched and considered because of their potential to heal and cure an ally unit, one would not bother to use or even research the Nightshade ability. It is slightly more expensive than Merics (100 gold) because of their ability to poison, but as said above, no one will use that ability, so people may sometime deem the Medic inferior to Merics.

Elders are more of a supporting spellcaster unit, unlike the Magikill, it doesn't deal huge amounts of damage, nor it wrecks havok on enemy troops, it is more of a support role due to their call of the wild ability and Toxic Boom, which both can prove invaluable when ally units are engaged in combat. The Toxic boom is similar to Medusa's and Magikill's Poison abilities, but the Toxic boom has the ability to stun as well as inflict poison, so it supports the army more. The elves fury is the Elders main damage dealing spell, and deals large damage at a row of units, the elves can continue until they reach their limit, but each elf will stop if they hit something, so a meat shield can be used to stop elves.

Ballista's have the uniqueness of not being able to stun or poison, however, they take extra damage when they are on fire, compared to the Giants, the Ballista does not stun, but, it has a potential to inflict poison and deal large damage to enemy units, it has lower health, so it cannot be used effectively sometimes as a meat shield.

Centurial Empire Edit

In the distant future, a man known as Dr. Jones has decided to work on an ultimate project that no one has accomplished before. He and his group of scientists have managed to build a time machine and now travel through time to collect artifacts and even people and slaves from many ancient civilizations. Now, Dr. Jones and his group of scientists have arrived to the land of Inamorta to collect artifacts for their project, yet, the people of Inamorta are surprisingly stubborn, and Dr. Jones has decided to use the army collected from different times and places in history and declare war against beings in Inamorta.

Centurial Empire Units

1. Soviet Worker: Hard workers that have been enslaved from the time of the Soviet Union, these people wield hammers and sickles and have agreed to work for Dr. Jones in exchange for money to feed their families back home.

Role: Resource Gatherer

Cost: 150 Gold 0 Mana

Attack: Very Low (Same as the other miners)

Health: 1 bar (Two Bars after Hustle), unarmoured.

Speed: Low (Equal to other miners)

Training Place: Portal to Soviet Union

Training Time: 8 sec

Population: 2


Miner Hustle: Increases miner speed and health.

Land Mine: Sets a row of land mines that detonates upon impact, deals same damage as Magikill and Bomber blast.

2. Native American: Native hunters enslaved from the old North American Prairies, extremely fast and cunning warriors that have a keen sense for nature. They have been forced to work for Dr. Jones in exchange for supplies and safety on the Prairies back home.

Role: Scout/ Light Skirmisher

Cost: 300 Gold 0 Mana

Attack: Low (Equal to Swordwrath)

Health: 3 bars, unarmoured

Speed: Fast (Slightly slower than Shadowrath)

Training Place: Portal to North America

Training Time: 15 sec

Population: 2


Sixth Sense: Passive ability, uses 5 mana for every twenty seconds when used, when used, it can see much farther than any unit in game, and can also attack Shadowrath in Shinobi, useful for scouting.

3. Gladiator: Roman gladiators enslaved from ancient Rome, these mighty fighters hurl large javelins at the enemy. They have willingly joined Dr. Jones because they dont want to be treated as slaves anymore back home.

Role: Heavy Ranged

Cost: 450 Gold 0 Mana

Attack: Medium (About same as Spearton, but ranged.)

Health: 3 bars

Speed: Medium (Slightly slower than Archidon and Swordwrath)

Training Place: Portal to Europe

Training Place: 15 sec

Population: 3


Multi-Hurl: Hurls three javelins at a time that can damage separate enemies, single use.

4. Horserider. Chinese horseriders enslaved from ancient China, these people have mastered the art of horseriding and demonstrate that on the battlefield. They have been forced to work for Dr. Jones in exchange for money to help their poverty back home.

Role: Heavy Melee

Cost: 450 Gold 50 Mana

Attack: Medium (Similar to Spearton)

Health: 6 bars, armoured

Speed: Fast(He rides a horse... As fast as Shadowrath)

Training Place: Portal to the Far East

Training Time: 20 sec

Population: 3


Stomp: The horse rams forward, which will damage and stun an enemy, has the uniqueness of being able to use while moving.

5: Samurai. Skilled Japanese warriors enslaved from old Japan, these warriors wield dual blades to cut down their enemy. They have been forced to work under Dr. Jones in exchange for wealth back home.

Role: Melee/support

Cost: 450 Gold 150 Mana

Attack: High (Similar to Shadowrath)

Health: 4 bars, armoured

Speed: Medium (Equal to Spearton and Juggerknight)

Training Place: Portal to the Far East

Training Time: 20 sec

Population: 4


Fixate: With each hit on a single enemy unit, the Samurai will increase in damage, stacks up to five hits (Similar... or Same as the Shadowrath fixate)

Wushu: The Samurai will slash at the enemy which will deal AOE damage (Probably up to one bar of health)

6. Pegasus. Horses with wings that have been tamed from ancient Greek mythology. The mythical creatures have learned the art of spellcasting and use it to wrech havock on the battlefield.

Role: Airborne Spellcaster

Cost: 400 Gold 400 Mana

Attack: It has an attack that can only attack airborne units, which deals damage and stuns. Low

Health: 3 bars, unarmoured

Speed: Fast(Same as Eclipsor)

Training Place: Portal to Europe

Training Time: 25 sec

Population: 4


Mythical feathers: Sprays its own magical feathers at an area, which will have AOE effect of healing friendly units

Wrath of Zeus: Will call upon the mighty god of Zeus, which will slam a huge lightning bolt that will strike at the enemy, will deal high AOE damage.

7. Pharoh. Egyptian Pharohs that agreed to work for Dr. Jones in exchange for wealthiness back home. They have used the art of spellcasting from their own home, and have learned to use it in warfare.

Role: Support Spellcaster

Cost: 450 Gold 350 Mana

Attack: Low (Similar to Swordwrath)

Health: 3 bars, unarmoured

Speed: Medium (Similar to Swordwrath)

Training Place: Portal to Africa

Training Time: 25 sec

Population: 4


Sandstorm: The Pharoh will summon a sandstorm that will deal AOE damage and stun the nearby units.

Mummify: When set on a friendly unit, the friendly unit will be able to revive after death, which ultimately means that you will be able to recycle you units, when reanimated, the unit will be able to use the abilities and have full health as before.

8. Dr. Jones (or scientists, since there is only one Dr. Jones). Lead scientist of Project Centurial. Able to use chemical, mechanical as well as physical science to wreck havok on the enemy.Other than that, he also uses a pistol to commit ranged attacks.

Role: Spellcaster (Not really... but... oh well...)

Cost: 500 Gold 400 Mana

Attack: Low

Health: 4 bars, unarmoured

Speed: Slow (Same as Magikill and Medusa)

Training Place: Portal to the future

Training Time: 30 sec

Population: 5


Toxic material reaction: Commits an small toxic reaction on an area which will AOE inflict poison on enemies, no raw damage.

Nuclear Gamma Radiation: Commits a nuclear reaction on an area which will AOE deal burn over an extremely large area, no raw damage.

Black Hole: Constructs a small black hole that slow down the movement of units near the black hole, and will at the same time take health away continuously.

9.Woolly Mammoth. Large behemoth creatures brought from North America during the time of the Ice Age, these creatures have been enslaved and forced to work under the will of Dr. Jones and his fellow scientists.

Role: Tank

Cost:1200 Gold 0 Mana

Attack: High: Same as Giant and Enslaved giant, no stun, can attack up to two people at a time.

Health: 10 Bars, armoured (14 after mammoth growth 1, 18 after mammoth growth 2)

Speed: Slow

Training Place: Portal to North America

Training Time: 35 sec

Population: 7


Mammoth Growth: Increases Mammoth Size and health, (Similar to giant growth)

Centurial Empire Buildings

1. Portal to North America: this leads to two different times, one is to the 16 century, one is to the Ice Age.

Trains: Native, Mammoth


Sixth Sense: 50 Gold 100 Mana

Mammoth Growth 1: 200 Gold 200 Mana

Mammoth Growth 2: 400 Gold 400 Mana

2. Portal to Europe: Leads to different times, the time of ancient Rome and ancient Greece.

Trains: Gladiator, Pegasus


Castle Javelin 1: 300 Gold

Castle Javelin 2: 600 Gold

Castle Javelin 3: 1000 Gold

Muilti-Hurl: 300 Gold 100 Mana

Mythical Feathers: 200 Gold 100 Mana

3. Portal to Africa: This leads to the time of Ancient civilization of Egypt.

Trains: Pharoh


Sandstorm: 100 Gold 50 mana

4. Portal to the Far East: This leads to two times, the Han dynasty of China, and the time of Shoguns in Japan.

Trains: Horseriders, Samurai


Ram: 50 Gold 100 Mana

Wushu 1, and 2: 150 Gold 150 Mana

5. Portal to Soviet Russia: This leads to the time of soviet communism of Russia.

Trains: Soviet Worker


Miner Hustle: 300 Gold 100 Mana

Passive Income 1,2, and 3: 150 Gold 100 Mana

Tower Spawn 1: 600 Gold 200 Mana (Spawns Horseriders)

Tower Spawn 2: 2000 Gold, 1000 Mana (Spawns Mammoths)

Land Mine: 100 Gold

6. Portal to the Future: This leads to the scientists home in the future.

Trains: Dr. Jones (or scientists)


Resilence: 50 Gold 100 Mana

Toxic Material Reaction: 50 Gold 50 Mana

Nuclear Gamma Radiation: 100 Gold 100 Mana

Comparison to Other Empires

On a first glance, this empire may seem somewhat overpowered when each unit is compared to other empire counterparts, most of the early and middle game units seem to have better characteristics than their counterparts, that may be true, but Centurial Empire units will have noticeably higher cost and population, i am going to break apart their stats and analyze them one by one.

The Native would most likely be considered as the counterpart to the Swordwrath, Crawler, and Earth, it has the highest health, and it is also very fast, able to keep pace with bombers, crawlers, and shadowrath. It maybe be seen as superior to other early game melee units, but you have to take into the fact that the Native have nearly two times or more the cost of early game melee units, which if produced right at the start of a classic game, may give the enemy an economy advantage since they can produce an extra miner early on, it also has a somewhat more training time than its counterparts, so don't expect to get to the tower unopposed early game. Even thought it has about 2 ~ 3 times the cost of its counterparts, it cannot fight 2~3 of its counterparts, so dont expect your Native to dominate too much.

Gladiators are generally the counterpart to archidons, deads, and fire. It too, has the highest health out of all of them, and it has possibly the most damage as well, if that wasn't scary enough, it also has the ability to kite. But, it has technically a high cost, pretty much equivalent to Deads and Fire, but you need to think that Fire can deal burn, while the deads are armoured and can deal poison. The ability multi-hurl, is effective and powerful, but it has a long research time, and is not suited for early game.

Horseriders are considered to be the counterpart for the spearton, juggerknight, and the charrog. Technically in terms of damage, it is kind of at an disadvantage, spearton deals medium damage and attacks at an moderate rate. The juggerknight deals high damage but attacks much slower, and the charrog deals low damage, but has a high attack rate, while the horserider has the damage of a spearton, but the attack rate of an juggerknight. That makes its DPM noticeably lower than its counterparts, however, the horserider can move at an fast speed, probably as fast as crawlers shadowrath. which makes it extremely mobile and perform well in hit and run tactics, the ram ability can also be invaluable in stunning enemies.

The Samurai is considered the third melee unit, which every empires is different (bomber, shadowrath... etc.) It is considered at the main damage dealer, which deals damage particularly like the shadowrath. It too, has the fixate ability and excels at close combat duals. When compared to the shadowrath, it trades speed for armour, which is suited for close combat rather than assassination. The Wushu ability deals AOE damage, and when on wushu second level, deals nearly one bar of health over the area.

Pegasus would be thought as the counterpart to Eclipsors, Albowtross, and Airs, but in reality, it is not. Pegasus would be more of a counterpart to the cycloid, as they are oth aerial spellcasters, and both use melee attacks in the air. While the cycloid can protect a unit, Pegasus can heal and cure ally units over a large area with a considerable amount of health, similar to water's mass healing, but no sacrifice needed, which can be invaluable in battle. Their other ability is the wrath of zeus, which is known as the king of all gods, and wields a thunderbolt. when cast on a unit, a huge figure, resembling Zeus will tear from the sky and will smash the thunderbolt at a unit, which deals enormous damage (up to two bars.) and splashes damage to nearby enemy units, which also burns any unit in the area, which can be effective in eliminating large groups of low health units.

Pharohs act as support spellcasters for the centurial empire, counterparts can be thought of the marrowkai, or infernos. When looking briefly at the spells, it clearly plays more of a support role than a damage dealing spellcaster. The sandstorm can deal some damage, but the amount of damage only approaches the infernos dragon call, and is barely close to what the hell fists can put out. The main advantage of sandstorm is that it can stun, which can be an advantage in close combat fights. The main ability of the Pharoh is the mummify ability. On first glance, it is just an ability that increases a friendly units health, but the unique thing is that it can heal DEAD units, and with the health of nearly 8 bars, it nearly revives any non giant unit completely, however, if the unit is not dead when revived, it will simply add the health to the unit (nearly 8 bars) BUT, the revived unit will be controllable, but it will not be able to use any abilities.

Dr. Jones, or scientists play the role of supporting as well as dealing large amounts of damage to the enemy army. Both the toxic reaction and gamma ray abilities have a considerably large AOE effect radius, however, it does not have raw damage (it wont damage the unit directly) Both these spells are supportive and can sometimes play a key role in late game large scale clashes. The black hole is a different story. When ever you get close to the black hole you will have received gravitational effect on the unit (new effect) which will slow down the unit when it moves in the opposite direction of the black hole. Whenever you are near the black hole, health will be taken away continuously, similar to the magikill electric wall. Although the damage is practically little, but it may be considerable when in the black hole for entire duration.

The mammoth is obviously the counterpart of the giant, and enslaved giant. It has a lower health with the exchange of a lower cost, the mammoth doesn't stun, however, it is effectively anti-armour and deals slightly more damage than both the giants (Probably a clean 1 bar) and it can attack up to two units up to a time. Other than size, health, and damage, it can be enlarged and can be deadly meat shields for groups of javelin throwers and spellcasters.

Evolutional Empire Edit

When the warlord Damien ventured out to sea with his powerful army of beasts, it was inevitable that he would land in Inamorta eventually. Damien have befriended alot of beasts and powerful men from his own country and have studied the art of evolution which allowed his army to grow powerful over time and nurture new recruits of his army. When Damien saw the land of Inamorta, it was full with lust jungles, beautiful productive forests and fertile soil allowing for wonderful resources that he could then sell to people for money and power. He decided to wage war against the people in Inamorta and claim the land as his own.

Evolutional Empire Units

1. Artifex. Skeletal beasts that feature powerful and rock hard claws and the ability to carry huge amounts of mass on its back, these beasts have used their gift to collect gold and resources for Damien.

Role: Resource Gatherer

Cost: 150 Gold 0 Mana

Attack: Very low (equivalent to other resource gatherers)

Health: 1 bar, unarmoured

Speed: Slow (equivalent to other miners)

Training Place: Portable Warehouse

Training Time: 8 sec

Population: 2


Evolve: Evolves into Opifex

2. Militus. Small demon like beasts that feature strong jaws and blades on their hands. These animals move reasonably fast and deal quite some damage to their foes.

Role: Light Melee

Cost: 140 Gold 0 Mana

Attack: Low (equivalent to swordwrath)

Health: 2 bars, unarmoured

Speed: medium (equivalent to swordwrath and earth)

Training Place: Small Beast House

Population: 1


Evolve: Evolves into Bellator

3. Saggitarius. Powerful beasts that have the body of a human and a horse, they move quickly and fire deadly and accurate arrows at the enemy.

Role: Light Ranged

Cost: 300 Gold 100 Mana

Attack: Low (similar to archidon)

Health: 2 bars, unarmoured

Speed: Fast

Training Place: Ranged Beast House

Population: 3


Evolve: Evolves into Volatilis

4. Maleficus. Humanoid beasts that uses elemental magic to fight enemies, able to cast unusual and deadly spells.

Role: Light Spellcaster

Cost: 400 Gold 200 Mana

Attack: Low (similar to magikill and medusa)

Health: 3 bars, unarmoured

Speed: Slow (equivalent to magikill and Medusa)

Training Place: Magical beast house

Population: 3


Particle spray: Flings a large quantity of particles at the enemy, dealing small AOE damage

Evolve: Evolves into Damien

5. Opifex. Evolved Artifex's, move even faster and also possesses a stronger physique, able to collect resources faster and has more self defecnce capabilities.

Role: Resource gatherer and Supporter

Cost: 450 Gold 100 Mana (evolved from Artifex)

Attack: Low (similar to sowrdwrath)

Health: 4 bars, unarmoured

Speed: Medium (similar to Swordwrath)

Training Place: Portable warehouse

Population: 3


Skeletal Gate: Sacrifices itself and constructs a large skeletal gate (similar to Miner wall) gate has 8 bars of health, and also damages enemy units on contact.

6. Bellator. Evolved Militus, even fiercer and more powerful than before. These beasts start to posses human like features, they have strong plating armour and wield powerful blades.

Role: Heavy Melee

Cost: 500 Gold 100 Mana (evolved from Militus)

Attack: High (similar to Shadowrath and Juggerknight)

Health: 7 bars, armoured

Speed: Medium (slightly slower than Spearton and Juggerknight)

Training Place: Small Beast house

Population: 4


Elemental Blast: Sends a blast of light towards the enemy will hit up to 3 enemy units and stuns.

7. Volatilis. Powerful flying shady creatures that rain black magic fire from the skies.

Role: Airborne Support

Cost: 500 Gold 150 Mana (evolved from Saggitarius)

Attack: Medium (Slightly higher than Albowtross and Eclipsor)

Health: 4 Bars, unarmoured

Speed: Fast (equivalent to Eclipsor)

Training Place: Ranged Beast house

Population: 4


Black Fire rain: Rains Black fire balls that deals AOE damage, and puts a curse (New unit effect) that will slow the enemy down and decrease its damage dealt for a period of time.

8. Damien. Head general of Evolutional empire, a powerful warlord that wields a deadly sowrd ans uses magic to wreck havok on enemies.

Role: Heavy Spellcaster

Cost: 600 Gold 400 Mana (evolved from Maleficus)

Attack: Medium (similar to spearton)

Health: 4 barrs, armoured

Speed: Medium (Similar to V)

Training Place: Magical Beast House

Population: 5


Summon Minions: Summons beast like minions every 5 seconds, each minion has 1 bar of health and fights like a Militus. Maximum 4 minions per Warlord.

Thunderbolt: Summons a lightning strike from the blade, which strikes an area, deals high AOE damage and burns.

Holy Regeneration: Passive ability, when on, regenerates everyone's health at a pace similar to Chaos regeneration.

9. Praegrandis. Giant beings that withhold powerful destructive power, these are the most powerful beasts on the evolutional army. Able to evolve into even larger Praegrandis.

Role: Tank

Cost: 1500 Gold 0 Mana

Attack: High (Similar to giant)

Health: 11 bars, armoured (15 after growth 1, 18 after growth 2)

Speed: Slow (slightly faster than Giant and Enslaved Giant)

Training Place: Behemoth Beast House

Population: 7


Praegrandis Evolution: Grows in health and Size.

Evolutional Empire Buildings

1. Small Beast House. This is where small beasts live and rest.

Trains: Militus, Bellator


Small Beast Evolution: 100 Gold 100 Mana

Elemental Blast: 50 Gold 100 Mana

2. Ranged Beast House. This is where the beasts with ranged capabilities live and rest.

Trains: Saggitarius, Volatis


Castle flamethrower I: 300 Gold

Castle flamethrower II: 600 Gold

Castle flamethrower III: 1000 Gold

Ranged Beast evolution: 100 Gold 100 Mana

Black fire rain: 100 Gold 120 Mana

3. Magical Beast house: This is where the mighty Damien lives and nurtures new warlords.

Trains: Maleficus, Damien


Magical Beast Evolution: 100 Gold 100 Mana

Holy Regeneration: 50 Gold 100 Mana

Thunderbolt: 100 Gold 150 Mana

4. Behemoth Beast house. This is where the behemoth beasts live and rest.

Trains: Praegrandis


Praegrandis Growth 1: 200 Gold 200 Mana

Praegrandis Growth 2: 400 Gold 400 Mana

5. Portable warehouse: This is where the gold is stored and it contains all secrets about the Evolutional Army economy.

Trains: Artifex, Opifex


Artifex evolution: 100 Gold 100 Mana

Skeletal Gate: 200 Gold 50 Mana

Passive Income 1,2 and 3: 150 Gold 100 Mana

Tower Spawn I : 600 Gold 200 Mana (Spawns Bellator)

Tower Spawn II: 2000 Gold 1000 Mana (Spawns Praegrandis)

Comparison to other Empires.



are rebels from order and chaos and elementals who seeks to stop the forging war on inamorta and contain peace and divide the land of inamorta into three the order city the chaos swamp and elementals dome they are leaded by the rebeled magikill who changed his name into magisage

they all have the same training time 20 seconds except for jammer its 5 seconds and v 30 seconds

1 Dumper a scorpling half normal miner that mine using pickaxes but put it in their back they are quite fast

Role: Tank

Cost: 1500 Gold 0 Mana

Attack: High (Similar to giant)

Health: 11 bars, armoured (15 after growth 1, 18 after growth 2)

Speed: Slow (slightly faster than Giant and Enslaved Giant)

Training Place: Behemoth Beast House


Gold Backup a skill of a dumper lets him finish a gold mine in one mine give back 200 gold but needs to go to the next goldmine

Dumper Dash a skill that when in danger it automatically activate lets the dumper dash to the garrison when in trouble but only activates when statue low on health

2 Swordunity a swordwrath with armour and a flaming sword from a fire elemental

Role: basic close range infantry

Cost: 150 gold 200 mana

Attack: average none flaming sword high flaming sword

Health: 4 bars

Speed: very slow concluding their armour

Training Place: advance swordman dorm


Flames from Above flaming sword OH yeah mooore damge double OH yeah

3 Dark archidons are eclipsors and dead that have been fusion with a archidon it serves as a ground range and a air range

Role: basic air and ground range infantry

Cost: 50 gold 300 mana

Attack: high ground similar to a eclipsors when on air

Health: 7 bars ground 4 bars air (cause of his dead side in ground its seven)

Speed: average ground slow air

Training Place: dark sacrifice hall

Population: 8

Wing Encantation grow wings similar to a bird a bird not a bat

Wing Down folds his wing a fights on the ground

Flesh Throw imbue his arrow with his almighty flesh

4 Holy Knights a spearton that has adapted to peace and prosperity holds a heavy armour and has a spear a shield and his own made magic that he learned from rebel elementals

Role: strong heavy defense tank

Cost: 350 gold 300 mana

Attack: very low High on holy sword

Health: 10 bars with his skill holy shine 7 normal 2 bars when on holy sword

Speed: average

Training Place: kings palace

Population: 3

Holy Shine increase health even more

Holy Sword decrease health increase attack

5 kindassans a shadow wrath who removed his mind of silent killing but into a more friendly assassination

Role: scout instant killers

Cost: 1000 gold 0 mana

Attack: very low to very high cause of the fixate (O O its still there)

Health: 3 bars

Speed: very Fast

Training place: Secret assassins Ground floor

Population: 4

Fix-it same as fixate wit different name

Cuddly nice lovidubby kill everything with one hit for 5 seconds effective for rushing or massing i think (Duno what cuddly bout that skill and duno whats lovidubby bout it neither just dont go full retard bro)

5 wreckers are giant crossbowmen crafted by all power of the rebel magikill or magisage

Role: tank \offense \range

Cost: 1500 gold 1500 mana

Attack: Very High

Health: 8 bars 10 with final wreck

Speed: fast as fast as a spearton or a swordwrath

Training place Mighty magisage lair


6 Magisage the leader of the rebels

Role: killer

Cost: 0 gold 1500 mana

Attack: very high

Health: 1 bar

Speed: slow

Training mighty magisage lair


7 Mericsage just a ordinary healer but fast

Role: support

Cost: 0 gold 1500 mana

Attack: low

Health: 3 bar

Speed: fast

Training place mighty magisage lair

Population: 7

heal you know this already

8 X a counter part of V after V tells his story to the rebels they re created a new him called X

Role: Strongest

Cost: 2000 gold and 2000 mana requires Magisage and Jammer and Mericsage and wrecker on field and also needs 10 % of statue health to create

Attack: Very High

Health: 10 bars

Speed: very fast

Training place mighty magisage lair


all skills of V

9 Jammer the fastest unit in the rebels or the game i would say and cheapest of all they are chaos bombers that hate medusa cause of her ordering them to die and they rejected and got jailed the magisage help put their mine backs and had extreme loyalty to the magisage and rebels

Role: kamikaze/ range / scout

Cost: 50 gold 50 mana

Attack: splash and very hign

Health: 4 bars

Speed: extremely fast i mean he can get to the base with the enemy still preparing

Training place canteen restaurant bar

Population: 1

Sight Jam removes him from map but his invisible form is visible like a shadowrath but can not be attacked except by splash damage and walls

Teleport jam teleports to a specific place but only after X has been summoned

Mana Jam sacrifices himself to give 1500 mana instantly

Gold Jam sacrifices himself to give 1500 gold

Reincarnate Jam when he dies goes back alive but without all his jam skills automatically activated when X is summoned

Kamikaze Jam as the words say if you do this it takes life from your X but kills the jammer


when the rebels united at no mans seeing the elementals chaos and order wrecking war the magikill decided to ask each empire for rebels most came few did not then he said to all the people their "we are one we should have peace to this land and break the evil that resides in it" then there the magikill changed his name into magisage first they too few miners on the chaos and order and on elementals and mixed them creates multi function spreadable miner which grew many on days then the swordunity was a told idea by a volunteer fire elemental saying "i've always wanted swords flaming can we make one please" then that stroke the magician head he allowed them to be the fire from above to give the rebels swordwrath the sword then the dark archidons the rebels chaos just really wanna be good so they got mixed up with a archidon even thou the dead dont know anything he just came the knight are speartons that were tired of death and war and let magisage change them kindassassins are just sadowrath even nicer and the wrecker are the most loyal giants transformed to wielding crossbow and the mericsage is just the magicsage clone wife the X is the V Changed and remade while Jammer is the most loyal unit ever from medusa to the rebels they were given special stats by X and magisage