Hard and Soft counters

Hard counters

Hard counter refers to the use of a small investment to counter many more enemy units i.e. the use of Albowtrosses against Swordwrath.


  • The Shadowrath can be used to counter nearly all casters (provided they are equipped with Shinobi 2) with no health loss, although most effective against Order's casters, it can be used against Chaos and Elementals, although it does not instakill Chaos casters, they will die with no further interaction by the Shadowrath due to the poison inflicted. Against Elementals, take note, V can and will possess a cloaked Shadowrath, it is advised to use two shadows to get the job done.
  • The Albowtross can be used to counter any melee ground unit, except the Giant. it may take a long time but they will be defeated, provided they do not retreat or attack your miners, this is not a viable primary strategy, but against a Swordwrath masser it works wonders same for earth massers
  • The addition of any one unit in an evenly matched fight will often turn the tides.


  • The Eclipsor can do the same thing an Albowtross would do (see Albowtross hard counters).
  • 4 or more Bombers can take out mid-sized groups of archers, provided that a meatshield is also used.
  • Deads can be a dangerous asset used right, if the enemy is not wary than the Deads will poison all of his units, especially early game, this is deadly.


  • The Air elemental is a flying unit and thus is similar to an Albowtross, and will destroy melee only units on the ground.
  • Water elementals or two Earth elementals can be used to prevent any one unit from fighting or escaping. except for the Crawler if Earths are used.
  • Treatures are excellent counters for smallish groups of early game units.

Soft counters

A soft counter is when a unit can destroy others, but not at a smaller investment.


  • The Archidon destroys Crawlers at a rough ratio of 1:2 and 1:1 against Swordwrath
  • Albowtrosses counter Eclipsors and Air elementals 1:1 and archers 1:2
  • A Swordwrath counters two Crawlers
  • A Spearton can counter three swords and an archer, or similar numbers of Crawlers
  • A Magikill counters large groups of archers using blast and electric wall. same for Crawlers. Venom spray works well against Swordwrath and similarly healthy units.
  • 10 Swordwrath will counter a size one giant.


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