A charrog in the armoury

The Charrog functions as an advanced tank for the Elementals. It is formed by a combination of Fire and Earth.


The Charrog assumes a humanoid appearance with a body made rocks and magma/lava in the inside.

Elemental tower spawn is a ghostly Charrog highlighted in light-blue. Tower spawn II renders a Charrog with essentially the same features, but a massive increase in size. But due to its Giant appearance its cannot be frozen or stunned.


Health 9 Bars Armoured (81HP)

Low - Base damage

High - Burn active

Speed Medium - High

600 Gold 100 Mana

(Earth and Fire)

Time Training Instant
Population 5

Numerical data does not yet exist for the Elementals




When this ability is used, the Charrog burrows under the ground, preventing combat until it comes up, dealing damage in the process and stunning near-by enemies. This ability is good for escaping or getting the edge with the stun and damage.

Radiant heat


When this ability is used, the Charrog will glow red and burn all enemies around it. It is very useful for dealing more damage to armoured units or softening up a large amounts of unarmoured units clumped together such as several Swordwrath.



The Charrog can be an excellent tank, it's larger amount of health is very useful for longer periods of attack. It's burrow ability can be used to stun multiple enemy units and it's burn can maximize it's damage output as well as soften up units to make them easier to kill with other units. 

Charrog can be used to spearhead any assaults on the enemy and tank weaker support units like the infernos, fires, or airs. It's best used when you bring along multiple waters with the healing upgrade for survival. It is basically the elemental tank and the "large" Charrog from tower spawn could be seen as a Giant. Some people mass Charrogs along with some waters to devastate the enemy base.


Unlike other tanks in Stick Empires, Charrogs cannot have extra growth.

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