The Charge Icon

Charge is the sole ability of the Juggerknight which is researched from the Chaos Crypt


When used, Juggerknights will rush towards the opponent's side very quickly (this means Charge cannot be used as a retreat). On contact with a unit during its charge, the unit will be knocked back, stunned briefly, and take damage. It's great for taking out that last retreating unit who wants to flee, and it is also useful for breaking a line of Speartons in Shield Wall, but their Shield Bash effect could even out the results.

Charge can also be used to allow Jugger Knights to stay in front of and tank for bombs targetting the enemy backline.


Skill Cost 15 Mana
Skill Cooldown ? Seconds
Research Cost 50 Gold 100 Mana
Research time 60 Seconds
Unit Juggerknight

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