For organization and reference purposes, any re-direct pages may go here. Re-direct pages serve as alternate page titles that users may use to navigate towards a page. For example, some re-direct pages for Archidon may include: Archidons, Archer, Archidonis etc.

If a user were to go to any of those pages, they would be quickly and automatically brought to the real Archidon page, thus saving them some time and improving the flow of the wiki.

To make a re-direct page, simply use the following:

#REDIRECT [[Page]]

Place this at the top of a page and that page will become a re-direct page. Obviously, replace "Page" with the page that your re-direct page should lead to.

If you wish to visit a re-direct page without being re-directed, simply add:


This extra text should go on the end of a re-direct page's URL if you wish to visit it without being re-directed.

The main purpose of this category is to see what re-direct pages have been made, and which ones haven't (by process of elimination) in order to more fully fill out the wiki.