An Empire is a faction that a player must select to play any match in Stick Empires. Each Empire has its own unitsskills, and strategies


Order is the first Empire in Stick Empires. Order consists of 9 units. Order is available to all players for free. The tutorial for the game is played with Order.

Unit Role
Miner Worker
Swordwrath Melee
Archidon Light Ranged
Meric Support
Magikill Spellcaster
Spearton Melee/Tank
Shadowrath Scout/Assassin
Albowtross Air Heavy Ranged
Enslaved Giant Heavy Ranged/Tank


Chaos is the second Empire in Stick Empires. Chaos consists of 9 units. Chaos is available with Gold Membership and Trial (IF YOU STILL HAVE LEFT).

Unit Role
Miner Worker
Crawler Light Melee/Scout
Dead Range/Tank
Marrowkai Spellcaster
Medusa Spellcaster
Juggerknight Melee
Bomber AOE Assassin
Eclipsor Air Ranged
Giant Heavy Melee/Tank


The Elementals are the third Empire in Stick Empires. The Elementals comprise of 4 basic units, which can be combined to form more powerful units. The Elementals are available with Gold Membership.

Basic Unit Role
Earth Worker/Light Melee
Water Support/Scout
Air Air Light Ranged
Fire Ranged
Combination Unit Role
Charrog Melee/Tank
Cycloid Air/Support/Melee
Treature Heavy Caster
Scorpling Light Melee
Infernos Spellcaster
Scorch Heavy AOE Assassin
Blind Gate Anti-Espionage
V Spellcaster/Melee

Killerz X

The Killerz X are the fourth Empire in Stick Empires. The Killerz Z comprise of Weird hard units, which can be too hard to beat. The Killerz X are available when the Owner is online, you must have Gold Membership, when u do you can quickly buy it then, if he Leaves you will still have it, if you fail to get it after he leaves, you will no get it, you can not buy it if you do not have Membership

Unit Role
Abyss Digger Worker
Swicle Lice Melee/Glitch
The Powerfull One GOD
Z God like thing
10101010 Spellcaster/Melee/Glitch/Mysterious/Flying
Tanker Tank Machine/Bazooka
Shadow X Shadow/X
Shifter From Above Shifting/time and space
90000ft Giants 999 Damage Tank/Machine Gun

This combination animation applies to all combination except Scorch and Blind Gate.

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