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Buildings are structures within the portcullis of your castle. Buildings allow skills to be researched, and produce units. Units produced from the same building can only be built one at a time.
Order Buildings

Order Buildings (Right to Left): Barracks, Archery Range, Mage Guild, Giant's Prison, Temple, Bank.

Chaos Buildings

Chaos Buildings (Right to Left): Crypt, Graveyard, Bone Yard, Giant's Lair, Snake Pit, Black Vault

Elemental Buildings

Elemental Buildings (Right to Left): Stone Temple, Water Shrine, Molten Core (Bottom), Drifting Hollow (Above), Cell Pod, Gold Keep

Order Empire Edit


Trains: Swordwrath, Spearton, Shadowrath

Research: Rage, Shield Wall, Shield Bash, Shinobi I & II

Archery RangeEdit

Trains: Archidon, Albowtross

Research: Castle Archer I, II & III, Fire Arrows, Blazing Bolts

Mage GuildEdit

Trains: Magikill

Research: Poison Spray, Electric Wall

Giant's PrisonEdit

Trains: Enslaved Giant

Research: Giant Growth I & II


Trains: Meric

Research: Resilience, Cure


Trains: N/A

Research: Miner Hustle, Miner Wall, Passive Income 1, 2 & 3, Tower Spawn I & II

Chaos EmpireEdit


Trains: Crawler, Bomber, Juggerknight

Research: Pack Mentality, Predatory Edge, Charge


Trains: Dead, Eclipsor

Research: Castle Dead I, II & III, Poison Guts

Bone YardEdit

Trains: Marrowkai

Research: Hell Fists

Giant's LairEdit

Trains: Giant

Research: Giant Growth I & II

Snake PitEdit

Trains: Medusa

Research: Resilience, Venom Flux

Black VaultEdit

Trains: N/A

Research: Miner Hustle, Miner Tower, Passive Income 1, 2 & 3, Tower Spawn I & II

Elemental EmpireEdit

Stone TempleEdit

Trains: Earth

Research: Scorpling Health, Scorpling Poison

Water ShrineEdit

Trains: Water

Research: Advanced Healing

Molten CoreEdit

Trains: Fire

Research: Castle Element I, II & III, Tornado

Drifting HollowEdit

Trains: Air

Research: Meteor Strike

Cell PodEdit

Trains: N/A

Research: Resilience, Clone Level 1 & 2

Gold KeepEdit

Trains: N/A

Research: Miner Hustle, Passive Income 1, 2 & 3, Tower Spawn I & II |

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