Albowtross Artwork

Albowtross artwork depicting a red-hot arrow, otherwise known as Blazing Bolts.

Blazing Bolts is a passive ability for the Albowtross. It can be obtained in the Archery Range building in the castle.


Unlike the Fire Arrows technology for the Archidons, Blazing Bolts is a passive upgrade for the Albowtross. The arrows cause more damage and scorch any target it hits, inflicting them with Burn. The arrow visuals change and show fire on the tips of the arrow heads. The effects usually don't have time to wear off, as an Albowtross can keep setting targets on fire. This ability extremely powerful, as it is increases the overall performance of Albowtrosses a lot. However, this ability loses a lot of potential damage as inflicting the same unit with the burn DOT from multiple Albowtrosses does not increase DPS as it formerly used to when the burn dot was simply extra damage on hit. This makes the upgrade very situational as it does not enhance multiple Albowtrosses when targeting the same unit.



400 Gold 0 Mana

Research time 40 Seconds
Unit Albowtross